Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 159: WHAT??

I have been reading around the web and looking at information for Marathon Runners and those first timers interested in starting a training program.  Wanna know what I just read - some people train for years before they are actually able to run a full marathon.


Years huh?  I was not expecting to see that......that was totally not apart of the plan.  So me being authentic to me started wondering, "Seriously Rochelle, is this a realistic goal?  A 5k or 10k is completely different from a FULL MARATHON!"  I'm not quitting on the journey or anything (since I'm not a quitter anymore - I gotta keep saying it over and over because sometimes if you don't speak to your own self it's easy to fall back into a place where you've come from) but I'm totally a little more wide eyed about what I'm trying to accomplish.  So, now what?  What am I going to do with this information?

For right now, I think that I will keep walking/ jogging until I get to a place where I am running at faster speeds.  We will re-evaluate the situation at that point.  For now, a marathon in 2011 is still my focus, ok?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 158: Week 24

Sunday, November 28, 2011 is officially the beginning of week 24 of this journey.  This morning I went to a different Gold's - Crofton - and it was amazing!  It was bigger and they had way more machines than the Bowie location.  I'm even going to take some of their morning classes.  The only real down side is that it is a lot farther from my home than the Bowie location.

I have a couple of goals for this coming week.  There are a couple of ladies at the gym who get together at 5:15am and workout for an hour.  I'm going to join them as many days as possible (5:15am is way early, possibly too early to be at the gym already but we shall see).  Oh yeah, goals -

1.  Three outside runs with a minimum of 2 miles for each
2.  Contact the PG Runners Club to find out about training programs - I gotta get faster and run longer distances
3.  Cook 2 new receipts
4.  Engage in some physical activities everyday
5.  Try to get to bed by 1am every night (especially with trying to be at the gym by 5:15am)

I think that that is it for right now, but let's see how far I get with the above.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 156: Pictures

So I don't have all of the photo's just yet, but here are a few.
Race Attire
"Man, now this is an athlete outfit" 

This is me standing at 12th & F waiting for the shuttle
"I wonder if anybody else is as nervous as I am?"
Pre-Race photo opt with the Turkey Trot Turkey
Mile 3 Marker
"Thank You Jesus, this is just about DONE!"

Crossing the finish line
"Please Lord, let some air fill my lunges!!"
I don't think that it completely tells the story, but more are on the way.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 155: 5k Completed


Really that is enough said, but there is so much more to say.  This Thanksgiving day I am so thankful.  I've said it before and I will continue saying it, this journey has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination. I've wanted to stop, quit and throw in the towel; but, with the support and encouragement of others, I haven't.  Today I did the SOME (So Others May Eat) 5k in downtown, Washington, DC and it was an experience that I will never forget.

We got to the race site around 7:30am, mixed & mingled while watching the kids 1mile fun race and just sort of waited around until the start of the timed race.  So we lined up at the rear of the start line for racers.  The horn blew and everyone took off.  Because there were so many racers, it took us roughly 3 minutes of walking up to the start line before we were actually able to begin running.  There were so many people - people of all ages, sizes, various speeds, etc.  While jogging, especially in the beginning, there was a lot of dogging through the people to continue on.  I used the light posts as measuring sticks.  I'd run through three-to-four light posts before speed walking to catch my breath.  The leaders of the pack were passing us before I got to mile one and I couldn't help but watch them as they ran by.  There running pace was aspiring, but more than that, just looking at their faces resolved something within me.  Running is a sport/activity that is not for the faint of heart.  It doesn't matter your weight or height, anybody who runs is committed to the activity.  I couldn't help but stare at the ladies and gentlemen who were heavier than me, but continued jogging/walking regardless of their size.  It was really motivating for me that I don't have to use my weight as an excuse of why I can't accomplish any physical activity.  As we came to the 1.5miles marker, I could see the water station ahead.  I was excited because my mouth was DRY.  I didn't drink anything before the race because I didn't want to have to use the bathroom.  But how about the water station didn't have any cups!  Disappointment was written all over my face, but I couldn't stop, I had to keep going -thirsty and all.  Passing the half way marker was exciting because inside I knew that I WAS DOING IT!!  When I passed the 2mile marker something happened.  A nice lady by the name of Ann came along side me (during one of my walking breaks) and started talking to me.  Of course I can't ever pass up a good conversation, so I engaged with her, even though part of me didn't want to because I was focused on the task at hand - finishing this race with a decent time.  We ended our conversation with, "See you next year!" and I picked up the pace with a brisk jog.  I could see the finish line within my sights and knew that there was no stopping me.

Crossing the finishing line created a feeling that I can not describe.  I could beat myself up because I didn't run the entire time, but I won't because there are way too many things to be proud of.  I'm proud that I showed up.  I'm proud that I started.  I'm proud that I kept going.  I'm proud that even when I wanted to quit and cheat by turning around at mile 1, I didn't (LOL).  I'm proud that I worked hard to get to this point.  I'm proud that even though a lot of people said that I couldn't do this, I didn't let that discourage me from trying.  I'm proud that I haven't just talked about wanting to do this, but I'm actually doing it.  I have a lot more work to do, but today I am PROUD of Rochelle Juanita Elizabeth Barnes.

As I sit here and reflect more, you know what I didn't do while on the course........I didn't look back behind me once, not once.  We should never negate our past and everything that it involved.  But our past does not have to limit our present or future.  A song by Damita Haddon has been my theme song for the past few months - No Turning Back.  Not turning back has meant being open and honest about where I'm at as well subjecting myself to accountability & support in this area of my life.  I don't like accountability because it requires me to expose me, but it totally develops character.  The amount of support has been unreal & appreciated.  I finished the SOME race today with a time of 51:10 and a pace of 16:28.  Considering I haven't done much training outside on the road, that is GREAT!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 154: T minus 1 Day Left

There's approximately one day left before my first official 5k.  This time tomorrow I will probably be just getting up to head downtown.  I'm experiencing a plethora of emotions that I'm not sure what to do with.  I'm nervous, excited, scared, excited, worried, excited....did I mention EXCITED?  The goal was to be able to run the entire race.  As it stands right now, I'm not prepared to run the entire thing, but you never know - once I get there and in the mix of things, that could totally change.

I was feeling pretty bad/down about the fact that I hadn't trained as hard as I could have so that I'd be prepared to run the entire thing, but after talking to my dad, he reminded me that the object is to set a goal and work to attain that goal.  This race will be another step forward to getting to my goal of running a full marathon next year.

I was in the gym this evening just thinking about how much support I've actually received over the past few months and I'm beyond grateful.  This journey includes not just me - there are sisters, brothers and a host of other people who are walking out this journey with me.  It blows my mind, but I'm so grateful.

Ok, now to bed but I feel a little too excited.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 149: One Week AWAY

Can you believe it?  We are officially one week away from my very first "Official Timed" race.  There are a lot of emotions that I feel.  Part of me is extremely excited.  Part of me is extremely nervous.  Part of me is plum scared.  I am really doing something that I have never done before and it feels good.  The crazy thing is - you'd think that my training would have intensified as I've gotten closer to the date, but I must say that it has been totally opposite.  I've only run once this week, but work and school have played a super huge role in while there has been a decline in my workout routine, but I'm not letting that stop me.

My race is with SOME (So Others May Eat).  I wanted to do more fundraising and raise more money for the cause, so I think that everyday I'm going to tweet about SOME and a link to their website.  I just sent out a another e-mail to potential donors to see if I can raise more money for the cause.  Also, I may squeeze in a fundraiser with Uno's in Bowie for Wednesday, November 24th.  Hummm, I wonder if I could pull off a successful event?