Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 171: Week 26

There are approximately 3 weeks left before my second 5k.  This race is on New Year's Day.  It may be kinda silly to do a race on New Year's Day considering I would have been working all day and night, but I feel like what better way to start the New Year?

Considering that I have a goal that is ever before me, why not begin the first day of the year off by engaging in an activity that will play an active role in my life for the rest of my life (or at least the next year)?  School for this term is officially done (although I have one more paper to write so that I can pass) and although my work load at work is not about to decrease, at least I won't be consumed by school for the next few weeks (literally only 2 though).

Week 26 has some tough days on the horizon.  This boot camp is going to kill me (well at least kill the fat off of me-LOL).  Not that it's totally different from some of the classes at the gym, because it's not.  But what is different is that you stay on 90 the entire time and everything is super fast.  I can't just say "Oh, it's tougher for me cause I'm heavier" because that is not the truth.  I came to terms with that lie while in the car.  Physical activity is tough for anybody who engages in it and an individual's intensity/comfort level can not be compared to anyone else's.

You know, I just want to be a better stewart of this body - especially since God lives within me.  That's all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 169: Boot Camp

Honest Talk Today...

My intensity has diminished by a lot.  That includes working out, eating right and just staying focused - it has decreased.  Why?  Because I'm tired and just want to sleep for 4 weeks straight (totally a dream).  I guess the reality is that this is my busiest time of year at work and the demands of school is a monster all in of its self.  I haven't been having "Track Date" in the morning for two reasons -
2.  Sometimes I'm just going to bed when I'd be getting up to get ready for the track.

What I eat has changed because I have not been diligent in cooking my meals and packing my lunch.  As a result, it's easy to revert back to picking up a quick meal here and there so that you are not starving; or, pack lunch, but not dinner and all of the necessary snacks.  Most of the classes that my gym offers happen in the evening, which leaves me out because I can't get away from the office in time.

So after examining where I currently am, and know that I have no desire to stay in this place, I've decided to make a few changes
1.  I can't do this alone and need as much accountability as possible.  I've been debating between a personal trainer and joining a boot camp.  The cost of consistent Personal Training is more than what my budget can currently afford, but the Boot Camp is at an ungodly hour in the morning (5:45am until 6:45am).  But I am going to try the boot camp for a week to see how it goes.
2.  I'm going to find a nutritionist to come up with some meal plan options because when I plan what to eat, I'm not sure that I'm eating enough calories.  But when I don't plan what I'm going to eat (and engage in impulse eating), I KNOW that I eat well over the recommended amount of calories that a person at my weight and height should eat.

I signed up to do a trial for the boot camp which began this morning.  I was NERVOUS because I wanted to be able to keep up with everyone and I guess like everyone else, the unknown is scary.  Plus on TV, whenever heavy people go to a boot camp, they throw up the first time.  So I was scared this morning.  I didn't do much sleeping because I wanted to make sure that I woke up on time.  This boot camp meets from 5:45am until 6:45am Monday thru Friday in Greenbelt.  There were some things (ab work specifically) that were harder than others (weights), but I'm pretty proud that I went and pushed through the workout.  I'm tired and ready for bed, but sort of excited about doing it again tomorrow.  Maybe this change will be just what I needed to re-ignite the fire I need to continue on this journey.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 165: Week 25

A new week....

I just signed up for another 5k taking place on New Years Day (January 1, 2011) and I want to have a better time and better pace.  Tomorrow starts the formal outside training because I HAVE to do better, I just have too so that I don't look like this!